El Centro Especializado del Dolor es el representante para Centroamérica Norte de Sarapin®. Este producto es usado desde hace 8 años en nuestro Centro para las Inyecciones de Puntos Gatillo (Trigger Point Injections) en Enfermedad Miofacial, y en Espasmos Musculares severos con excelentes resultados, rápido y sin efectos secundarios.

A regional analgesic for control of pain of neuralgic origin

For almost two centuries it has been known that the distillation of a suspension of powdered Sarracenia purpurea (Pitcher Plant) in alkaline solution produced a volatile base. In 1931 it was observed by the late Dr. Bernard D. Judovich in what was known as the Intercostal Neuralgia Clinic of the University of Pennsylvania Graduate Hospital, that the distillate prepared in this manner was of value in relieving pain of neuralgic origin. Since that time, as a result of extensive chemical, pharmacologic and clinical investigation, a product of uniform proved potency has been derived and marketed under the name SARAPIN. It is difficult to explain the exact mechanism of the analgesic property of this unique product, just as previously the mechanism of the analgesic action of ASPIRIN was unknown. But we do know SARAPIN ® has been used for more than fifty years in treating the scope of pain arising from muscular or neuralgic origin, and in all this time we have never known of a drug induced idiosyncrasy or untoward result. SARAPIN ® is not only a useful tool for the physician, but is safe to use.

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